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The Ventrue Clan: The Strenth under the Heavy Crown

on Tue Oct 10 2017, 21:47

I smell power in the air. A king has died. Long live the king. I stand in the throne’s shadows, but most do not
know my name. Years slip away like tides, dynasties fall, and yet I remain a most trusted advisor.
He will not see the string tied to his limbs until it is too late.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

The Ventrue trace their line back to the Second Generation. As the eldest of Enoch, their sense of tradition guides them. Divine right is their birthright: Their legitimacy is documented in blood-red letters throughout Cainite history. Let those who are most fit to rule do so. Leading is their gift and their burden. Ventrue chafe at Lasombra restrictions, ever hungry and ambitious. All the power they want is within their grasp. When the time arrives, those merchant princes and warrior kings will lead their brethren to cast the yoke off of those who’ve ruled far too long.

The Ventrue take their cue from Ancient Rome, from the Julii and the Brutii, those aristocratic conquerors who relied on a framework of discipline, fortitude and charisma to lead. They can be a potent combination of powerful speakers and brave soldiers, currying favor as capably as any Caesar. In fact, the word “dominate” arose from the Dominus and Domina, titles of the Roman aristocracy. Heavy is the head that wears the crown; Ventrue often worry more than other clans about the mortals in their care. Memories of glory from their mortal days are too poignant and heady a draft, so they pursue power through their unlives as well.

With their powerful Disciplines of Dominate and Presence, they are frequently sent in to keep the peace amongst Cainites, using their divine right of authority to maintain the Silence of the Blood.

During the Long Night, the Ventrue withdrew from most visible positions of power, preferring to steer from out of sight. But with the War of the Princes, the Ventrue are ready to rise. All they must do is convince everyone else. Ventrue are not as flexible as their opponents and subject to infighting, but when they do band together, they can accomplish terrifyingly ambitious goals.

Sobriquets: Power Mongers, Ambitiones, Patricians (derogatory)

Appearance: Ventrue are not seen in ostentatious clothes. The cloth and cut will be exceptionally fine, tailored to their figure. Depending on the Ventrue’s temperament, you will see costly embroidery or merely exceptional cut. They always dress appropriate to their station, but they take care not to outshine the ones they are manipulating.

Haven: Ventrue dislike being in the middle of nowhere, unless there is a stronghold with vast lands and resources they can draw upon. Because of their feeding specialties, they tend to gravitate toward locales that provide ample flocks to draw upon. They thrive on being amidst the populace, for what purpose in being a leader if there is no one to lead?

Backgrounds: The Ventrue sense of self-superiority is so strong that it can be quite off-putting. It makes sense that they seek the aristocracy and the cream of society to Embrace, those whose education, background, and talents draw the attention of Ventrue elite.

Ventrue never reproduce haphazardly, but select prospects like fine wine. Once they Embrace a childe, they focus on her training and upbringing to hone them to Ventrue expectations. Purity of bloodline is preferred, but they also appreciate the strengthening brought by mixing in a prodigy of a more mongrel background. Ventrue with a less rarefied history can rise in the ranks, but it demands true commitment, the backing of a well-regarded sire, talent, and luck.

Character Creation: Ventrue characters need a keen balance between Social and Mental Attributes, between social graces and knowledge. A Ventrue with low Charisma is like a fish without water: flailing in desperation till the end. As far as Backgrounds, Allies and Retainers are extremely useful. Resources and Domain for holdings should not be neglected. The Road of Kings calls the Ventrue in their deepest desires, for each Ventrue believes his birthright is to lead.

Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence

Weakness: Rarefied taste has its cost, as the Ventrue are restricted to one particular type of mortal (merchants, French, Catholics, small children). This choice severely limits their feeding pool. They can consume mortal blood outside of this selected preference, but it does not forestall the Beast or provide nourishment.

Organization: The Ventrue believe strongly in the feudal order. Structure and hierarchy allows them to understand precisely who is above them and who is below. An oath, backed by blood, is one of the easiest ways of enforcing loyalty of those below.

Brujah: They hate us, but need us. We temper their ferocity with understanding of the requirements of rule. If their ambition can be sculpted, they can be dangerous but powerful allies.
Cappadocians: Death-mongering withered husks. Let them remain amongst their corpses and their crypts and leave us to our conquests.
Gangrel: Beasts, pure and simple. Excellent attack dogs, but best kept on a very short leash.
Lasombra: Though they are ascendant now, their time comes to an end. We need only seize the opportunity.
Nosferatu: Vile and often smelly. If you employ them, be sure to keep your handkerchief close. A few are clever enough to be useful, if they can be endured.
Toreador: Though we may be impatient with their obsession with beauty, the Toreador are often our equals in social settings. Flatter them with honeyed words, but do not forget they are the most unreliable of our kindred.
Tzimisce: Ancient rulers unaware their moment is long past. Even those fair of face are fiends at heart. We will ally with whomever necessary to wipe them from the world.
Tremere: They speak in riddles, hinting at vast storehouses of ancient knowledge. If you must, use them and be done with it. Let them rot with their dust and their books.
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