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Kyasid (Bloodline): The Mark of the Fae

on Wed Oct 11 2017, 21:48

My mother said that dreams aren’t real. But nightmares are.

The Kiasyd aren’t a bloodline at all; they are individually cursed vampires drawn together. When a Cainite tries to embrace a fae-touched human, either by accident or on purpose, the clash of opposing natures usually kills the poor creature.

In the very rare event that it doesn’t, the vitae burns away any powers and fae-related memories the new fledgling might have had and turns her into a Kiasyd. The Kiasyd is a forlorn creature, instinctively feeling that she does not belong with other Cainites even if she doesn’t know why she is so different. Markedly different and often mistaken for Caitiff, she finds herself shunned, if not outright killed, by other Cainites. To add insult to injury, her sire, horrified of having Embraced such an aberration, is usually at the top of the list of persecutors.

A Kiasyd’s blood is not inert, however, granting her the power to Embrace and continue her bloodline. Her childer become Kiasyd too, as the strange mix of fae blood and vitae continues to echo through the generations. A Kiasyd with an established lineage usually has it a little better, since she at least has a sire willing to mentor her through her first steps. Still, no Kiasyd’s existence is particularly happy, as other Cainites recognize her as different even without a hostile sire fanning the flames of prejudice. The rare Kiasyd who does manage to carve out an existence for herself usually finds that she has an innate proclivity for both gathering and obscuring information. In a world where knowledge is power, this gives her some standing and might even allow her to gather enough allies and boons to keep hostile Cainites in check.

Sobriquet: Weirdlings, Broken Butterflies (Malkavians)

Appearance: There is no stereotypical Kiasyd, but every single one carries a physical mark that exposes the fae in her. This can be subtle, such as heterochromatic eyes or a sixth finger on each hand, or very obvious, such as being seven feet tall and having blue skin.

Haven and Prey: The Kiasyd is often an outcast who chooses abandoned buildings as her haven, fervently keeping its location a secret, especially from other Cainites who might pose a threat. To compensate for her loneliness, she typically accumulates vast collections of trinkets and books. Since they stem from so many different clans, Kiasyd don’t have a favored prey. A Kiasyd with a lineage is usually Embraced for her social and intellectual acumen, so she prefers physically weaker prey in order to avoid complications.

The Embrace: Kiasyd Embraces are painful and tragic. When a Kiasyd Embraces someone, her mix of vitae and fae heritage threatens to tear the poor childe apart, causing a period of physical and emotional anguish that can last for weeks. A childe is generally chosen for her excellent grasp of etiquette and intellectual prowess, in the hopes of making a pleasant companion or helping her sire carve a niche for herself.

When a non-Kiasyd Embraces a fae-touched, the result is even worse, as the clash between fae and vitae kills most fledglings after a short and tortured existence. To add to the new Kiasyd’s already poor chances, her sire, recognizing that his childe is decidedly not like him, often turns her out or makes use of her initial weakenedstate to dispose of her. The few surviving Kiasyd, for obvious reasons, are a wide and varied bunch that defies generalization.

One Kiasyd by the name of Marconius claims to have been a Cainite before he altered himself using eldritch sorcery. If this is true, it lends further credence to the belief that Kiasyd aren’t real Cainites. Of course, he might be lying.

Clan Disciplines
: Mytherceria, plus two from original clan.

Weaknesses: Due to her mark of the fae, the difficulty of rolls to recognize the Kiasyd as otherworldly decrease by one (more if her mark is particularly obvious). Additionally, her fae heritage makes the Kiasyd vulnerable to cold iron. Not only do weapons made from cold iron inflict aggravated damage to her, but such damage triggers an immediate roll to avoid either frenzy or Rötschreck as befitting her Nature.

Organization: A Kiasyd stands apart from other Cainites. To alleviate her isolation, a Kiasyd might gravitate to others of her kind, but she quickly finds that she cannot abide them either, and most part again on bitter terms.

She does not realize it, but the instinctive discomfort she feels toward other Kiasyd is due to their wrecked fae heritage; it is painful for her to be around them, because they are a subconscious reminder of something she lost. This pain afflicts even sire and childe, and Kiasyd tutelage periods are typically short before a childe is released from her sire’s responsibility. Given that Kiasyd are exceedingly rare, it’s uncommon for even as many as two to be in the same city. In those cases, those pairings are usually sire and childe.

Cappadocian: Harbingers of death. My sire is one, and she clings to me like a desert wanderer to an oasis.
Lasombra: He mistakes me for one of Marconius’ brood and thinks that I somehow owe them. I do not correct him, for he protects me in the belief that I will repay the debt someday.
Malkavian: Mad and shunned as I, he does not judge. I seek out his companionship and wisdom (for both are unique), but remain aware that the mood might turn.
Nosferatu: I am no uglier than he, yet he has found a home. I do not know whether to admire or hate him.
Salubri: His touch softens the pain. Or at least, it did once.
Toreador: She sees truth where it should remain hidden. She is attractive, but I must be careful lest I become a part of her collection.
Tzimisce: She wants to cut me open to see how I work. Ugly, hateful thing.
Ravnos: He is like me, yet not. A distant kin? Perhaps he can help me?
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