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What to be a vampire means

on Tue Sep 19 2017, 19:47
Dark Ages V20 corebook, pages 12-14

As introduction, it can be said that vampires share some traits with mythological, literary, and cinematic vampires. But it’s best we get some basics out of the way right now:
·Vampires are immortal.
Mostly true. While they can be destroyed, they can live forever.
·Vampires drink blood.
True. Vampires exist on the blood of the living. They take no sustenance from mortal food. They drink via retractable fangs, which they develop immediately upon becoming undead. After feeding, they can lick the wounds and close them, leaving no evidence of the vampire’s theft.
·A vampire’s victim becomes a vampire.
False. Some vampires kill dozens or even hundreds of humans across their years. Vampires choose to create new vampires by draining a mortal of all their blood, then feeding them from their own veins.
·Vampires are demons.
False. Vampires are possessed of a dark passenger deep within, a Beast, which compels them to monstrous fight or flight responses. But vampires are essentially people in a horrific situation.
·Vampires die in the sun.
True. While some can hold off the sun’s rays for a few moments, sunlight will quickly reduce a vampire to ash.
·Vampires shy from crosses and running water.
False. While some rare specimens cannot stand classic banes such as garlic and crosses, most have no issue. However, some of particularly true faith can repel vampires with the strength of their convictions.
·Vampires die from a stake through the heart.
False. However, wooden stakes that penetrate the heart will paralyze the undead, leaving them vulnerable.
·Vampires have unholy strength and power.
True and false. With time and with lineage, vampires gain certain supernatural abilities, from frightening strength, to the ability to make an unwitting victim fall into a false love, or to transform into a wild beast.
·Vampires have sex.
Unabashedly true. Vampiric existence is one of taboo and dark celebration. To many, sex fits those descriptions well. If anything, to vampires, sex is only diminished somewhat by the constant overstimulation of feeding. To a vampire, the moment of feeding is the single most ecstatic, euphoric experience of their immortal existences. Indeed, some attribute a holy origin to the rapture of blood drinking. A vampire’s bite is not a metaphor for sex. Vampires have sex. They have great sex. They also need to feed on human blood to survive. These things can occur at the same time, but they are not the same thing. Mimicking human reproductive functions, lubrication, and ejaculation, requires the expenditure of blood for all but rare vampires. This can make sex a wasteful proposition. But keep in mind that not all sex is penetrative; vampires have penetration down without the need for vanilla sex.

C aine ’ s B rood

Most vampires in Europe believe they descend from Caine. Caine, from the Abrahamic Bible, who killed his brother. Caine, who God cursed for committing the first murder. According to the legend, Caine took his vampiric curse on the road and created three other vampires. This Second Generation of vampires created thirteen. These thirteen, the Third Generation, each birthed a clan of vampires.

T he E mbrace
Vampires were once human. They become Cainites through a process called the Embrace. A vampire drains every bit of a human’s blood, then feeds the corpse some of her own blood. The corpse becomes Cainite, and rises, hungry. The new vampire is undead; her heart does not beat, she does not breathe, she need not eat. Over the following nights, she adapts and adjusts to her new state, learning the capabilities of her Cainite vitae – the cursed blood that animates her.

T he H unt
The hunt means something different to every Cainite. To some, it means finding drunk derelicts who can’t fight back. To others, it means finding lovers who want for the bite, and ask for more when it’s over. Sometimes it means frightening a combatant with vulgar displays of power. To many, it means cultivating a cadre of humans who grow to need the closeness of the Kiss – the Cainite bite. The hunt is a shift in power dynamics. The vampire finds a person and puts him into a moment of vulnerability. No matter how she finds that vulnerability, or whom she finds it in, she finds it. Sometimes she creates it. Sometimes she searches long and hard for it. Sometimes she simply waits for it.

To finnish, I leave this video for a deeper explanation:
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